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Final Fantasy 20 in 20

an icontest

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20 Final Fantasy icons in 20 days - an icontest.

Final Fantasy 20-in-20
Modeled after startrek20in20, which is in turn based on celeb20in20.

This is a month-long icontest done in rounds. Participants have 20 days to make 20 icons featuring a Final Fantasy character, creature, or game.

Each round consists of 3 types of sets:
1. 10 default themes, which will be changed every three months.
2. 5 icon set in a single category changed monthly.
3. 5 icon set of Artist's Choice, which is whatever your heart desires.

Monthly Challenges:
• Themes: Ten themes like you would see in ordinary contests. These can range from technical (e.g. Monochrome) to thematic (e.g. Smile).
• Category: All icons in this set have a single theme. These can also be technical or thematic and will be different each challenge.
• Artist's Choice: All icons in this set are up to you.
Themes and Category sets are common to everyone participating in the round. The Artist's Choice icons are (obviously) going to be different for everyone.

• Themes: These will be voted only in categories -- if theme one is monochrome, then all monochrome icons will be put together for voting. Theme two is smile, all smile icons will be put together for voting.
• Category: These will stay in sets and will be voted on as sets.
• Artist's Choice: These will be voted on as single icons -- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Composition, Best Color, and Best Use of Resources. Maybe also Mod's Choice, if the mod feels like it and we have a lot of participants.

Challenges Posted: 1st of the month, as early as possible
Challenges End: 20th of the month, midnight EST
Post Icons to Community: ongoing
Voting Posted: 21st of the month, as soon as can be managed
Voting Ends: 28th of the month
Sign-ups for Next Round Posted: 21st of the month

• Choose a character, creature (type), or general game.
• Join the community, then SIGN UP at the latest sign-up post, making sure to follow all the directions on that page (more info is there about what you can choose).
• Only one icon maker can have a given subject for the challenge in any given month.
• You must choose a different subject from one month to the next, but you can do every other challenge in the same subject if you are able to request it before someone else.
• You can only enter once per challenge, using one subject per challenge.
• Your icons need to be NEW and not made previously. That's what makes this a challenge, right?
• Be creative -- tutorials and .PSDs are great learning tools, but utilize them well. Don't just churn out copies of other people's icons.
• Carbon copying (click for example, #09-28) is not allowed in the sets. Your category set should be linked thematically, but each icon should be distinctly different.
• Your icons need to fit livejournal standard of: under 40kb, 100x100 or smaller, and either .png, .gif, or .jpg file format.
• Fanart is allowed as long as the original artist allows it and/or you've credited that person. You must give appropriate credit for fanart (if only so others can enjoy it, too).
• Be tasteful in your choice of picture and caption. Funny or raunchy icons are fine, outright offensive icons are not. Rule of thumb: would you mind your grandmom using that icon? Then it's probably ok. Ask here if you're not sure of the bounds of good taste.

• Comment on THIS POST to receive posting access. You must be a community member to post.
• You can post your icons to the community whenever you like, but the batch must be complete (all 20).
• Post three icons as a teaser.
• Please post only the three-icon teaser, not a fancy posting banner.
• You must use only the tags given to you when you signed up for your post to this community. Be careful when cross-posting.
• You may post to the community or fake-cut to your journal. A fake-cut looks like this:
<b>( <a href=http://JOURNALNAME.livejournal.com/POSTNUMBER.html">cut text here</a> )</b>


• Vote for your favorite icon for each theme and favorite set for all category sets.
• Vote for 3 of your favorite icons for each group of Artist's Choice icons, plus the following:
     Best Composition is the icon in which all of the elements come together in the most striking or well-done manner.
     Best Color is the icon in which colors or greyscale are used most effectively to produce a visual treat.
     Best Use of Resources is the icon in which gradients, textures, brushes, and/or text are used in the most creative and eye-pleasing way.
• Vote fairly, even though the icons are not made anonymously.
• Each participant must vote to be able to participate in future challenges.
• In cases of ties, voting will be broken by a non-iconmaking, non-fandom friend of the moderator.
• Participants may not vote for themselves or use strategic voting.

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